February 28, 2018

These Strippers Are Becoming Future Millionaires with Bitcoin! [VIDEO]

These Strippers Are Becoming Future Millionaires with Bitcoin! [VIDEO]

[PHOTO CRED: Chesnot / Contributor ]

Ok, I feel like my knowledge is needed for translation as for people not to completely play themselves!!! Ok, this video is about a strip club in Las Vegas started taking Bitcoin, even down to the strippers printing out a QR code that services like Coinbase(the largest Cryptocurrency exchange/Wallet in the US)

will allow you to send payments by scanning the QR code grabbing the correct ‘key’ to send the bitcoin to!

Now here’s the thing, Bitcoin purchased now at a $100, which let’s say that’s what a guy is willing to spend on a stripper in Las Vegas, in about 2 years, that $100’s worth of bitcoin will most likely be any where from $500 to $1000 in value, AND in 5 to 10 years that original $100 with of bitcoin could be as much as $50,000+(depends on where BTC settles out at, if it goes to $1M, that $100 could be $100K), and imagine the stripper gets about 20 $100 BTC tips, which is not just reasonable, it’s a low estimate, with all these thirsty a** dudes that be in Vegas, she’s most def going to be a millionaire….. as long as she acquires the BTC and HODL’s