July 5, 2022

Twitter Reacts To R.I. Senator Tiara Mack Twerking On A Handstand In A Thong 

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Twitter Reacts To R.I. Senator Tiara Mack Twerking On A Handstand In A Thong 

Rhode Island State Sen. Tiara Mack got creative while encouraging voters.

Tiara went viral after sharing a video in a thong bikini, twerking on a handstand. She was promoting herself to get votes. 

Take a look:

Social media has mixed opinions. The majority of the conversations aren’t in favor of Tiara. However, someone online said, “Senator Tiara Mack was shaking what her momma gave her. She’s got my vote in 2024!.”

Another person wasn’t impressed and said Tiara is why “Black people” aren’t taken “seriously.” The Twitter user wrote, “Tiara Mack is why blacks aren’t taken seriously. The only way to gain votes from black people is to use celebrity endorsements, Ebonics, twerking, and emotions. Not logic, policies, or candid conservations.” 

Another person said, “Rhode Island State Senator Tiara Mack (D) twerking and encouraging people to vote [for her]. This doesn’t help the stereotype we are battling with, but okay sha.”

Tiara responded to critics and said, “Damn. Twerking upside down really makes the conservative, unhinged internet accounts pop off on a Monday.”

Tiara is the first openly LGBTQ Black person elected to the Rhode Island Senate. In April, Tiara addressed a “fallout over a controversial tweet she sent involving a contentious sex education bill she sponsored that has stirred up debate across the state.” The article says, “part of the bill would amend Rhode Island’s sex-education law to require courses including discussions of gender and sexual orientation, as well as ‘affirmatively recognize pleasure-based sexual relations,’ between grades 6 and 12.” 

The “pleasure-based sexual relations” part didn’t sit well with some people. Tiara responded and said, “I have received hundreds of messages if not thousands of messages attacking my character and calling me names online, and many of these attacks we’ve seen on other LGBTQ+ organizations where the word groomer or pedophile is used to try discredit LGBTQ+ members,” she continued, 

“It’s hurtful and harmful and it does hurt and does sting to have people who you don’t know, who are faceless, who have two followers, who have just activated their Twitter account, call you these names and try to paint you as a villain.”