September 28, 2017

Uh Oh! More Details on Kevin Harts Affair REVEALED!

Uh Oh! More Details on Kevin Harts Affair REVEALED!
Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez – Getty Images 

Kevin Hart’s in more trouble as his alleged mistress Montia Sabbag revealed more details on their ‘sex-cursion.’

According to Sabbag, whom also seems to be the woman in sex tape, her and Kevin had a “connection.”

Sabbag explained in a detailed interview with The Daily Mail, that she met Hart on a private flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

“I thought he was cute, he’s an attractive man, but I wasn’t star struck or anything like that, it was super casual, he was a gentleman, a nice guy.” 

“I did not know he was married but I found out later, I was a little bit upset, confused about it because the way he was acting it didn’t seem like he was married,”said Sabbag.

According to her, the two had “chemistry” and Hart was not intoxicated when they had sex.

“If you really look at the tape… it was during the day, it wasn’t a night thing, he was sober, there was obviously a connection, I’m not just someone he was with at night when he was intoxicated or something, it was more than that.”

Sabbag also believes that someone she was with recorded the sexual interaction. 

She claims she had nothing to do with the recording, and that they were both violated.