August 25, 2017

Usher Finally RESPONDS To STD Allegations

Usher Finally RESPONDS To STD Allegations
(Photo Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

After weeks of allegations, Usher has finally decided to fire back at claims that he gave another woman herpes, and opened another woman to the sexually transmitted disease.

One woman specifically, helped bring a $20 million dollar lawsuit to the door of Usher, although she claims that she wasn’t infected.

According to TMZ:

In Usher’s legal docs, obtained by TMZ, he notes her lawsuit says nothing about whether she had been tested prior to their alleged sexual encounter. He says, “A previous sexual partner very well may have already infected her.”

And, Usher says, she could have contracted the STD after their alleged encounter.

And he takes another shot, saying she assumed the risk of getting herpes by having “casual, unprotected sexual intercourse and/or oral sex.”

It’s interesting … Usher did not attack the lawsuit by saying he couldn’t have given her herpes.

Another alleged victim, Quantasia Sharpton had an entire press conference to announce her lawsuit. He is denying the claims, saying he was busy courting his wife during that time.

This looks like it might end up a long, drawn out battle.