June 20, 2019

We Need Answers! Mother Of Five Fatally Shot By ‘Fake Cop’ 

We Need Answers! Mother Of Five Fatally Shot By ‘Fake Cop’ 

Photo credit – Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock


This was a very unfortunate situation.

Sircie Varnado, a Chicago mother of five, was fatally shot at a Walgreens.

She was suspected of shoplifting by the store manager and he called a “friend” instead of authorities. According to news sources, the friend and Varnado had a verbal disagreement until he fatally shot her in the head. 

He claimed to be a Chicago police officer but then took off. He’s currently in police custody and is identified as an “unofficial security guard.” He also has a valid FOID card and concealed carry license.

Her family is heartbroken and demanding answers. They call the situation “cold-blooded murder.”

Varnado’s sister, Maria Reed, spoke out and said there are other ways he could have handled the situation. She’s also questioning how it was handled. 

“I want to know why didn’t the manager call police instead of this wannabe security guard.”

The man is reportedly cooperating with authorities but hasn’t been charged as of yet.