December 19, 2017

WHAT?! Nas Revealed A BIG Secret About His Album Stillmatic

WHAT?! Nas Revealed A BIG Secret About His Album Stillmatic
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On December 18, 2001, Nas released what many people believe to be a classic album in his fifth studio album Stillmatic

The release of the project was in the midst of a very interesting time in hip hop and in the world in general. At this point his war with Jay-Z had reached its peak. We didn’t know what would happen next, where the next diss song would land, or how any party will react. 

The ultimate comeback to Hova’s “Takeover” which debuted at Summer Jam earlier in 2001, was his track “Ether.” That track brought fans back to his side as even after the track was released a “Battle of the Beats” poll showed that Nas’ no holds barred response “Ether” had took the city by storm. 

This album included singles such as “Got Urself A…” and “One Mic.”

To celebrate the occasion, Nas decided to drop a gem on all of us. That his daughter Destiny executively produced the project.

Happy 16th Birthday Stillmatic! The first album I ever executive produced! And at only 7 years old lol

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16 Years Ago Today. Stillmatic. Executive Producer @iamdestinyjones

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