January 3, 2018

What’s More Important… Your Gun Or Your Weed? [VIDEO]

What’s More Important… Your Gun Or Your Weed? [VIDEO]

(Photo Cred: David McNew / Stringer )

Right now this is going on in Pennsylvania but not long before it’s any state supporting Marijuana use. Pennsylvania is a Medical use only state for now, and that’s what they’re going after, but if ‘they’ going after medicinal use then pos def recreational use is going to catch it!

For now they are using the split between State and Federal on the subject, and scaring people will to support the weed effort but that are really gun people… stay Woke! But I’ll finish with this, If you choose weed over your ‘registered’ weapon, there should be more peace. Just to show you the divide, in Georgia, a few miles away from Atlanta 70 ppl got arrested, for less than a half an ounce of trees :-/