September 13, 2019

WTF? Loud Sex Mistaken For Fight Leads To Gunshots At Hotel!

WTF? Loud Sex Mistaken For Fight Leads To Gunshots At Hotel!

Photo credit – JeffKingma/Shutterstock

A couple decided to get wild for the night and things took a left turn!

Reported on NYDN, a security guard at a Days Inn in Towson, MD called the police after he heard “loud noises” coming from one of the hotel rooms. The noise was so loud, it sounded like two women were fighting. 

When authorities arrived on the scene, Allison Daughtrey told the officers that she was having sex and not fighting. Daughtrey’s partner admitted to the police that she and her girlfriend were not arguing with each other and were being intimate. 

The security guard asked the couple to leave the hotel but they refused. Reported in the article, “the defendant later would start yelling at the security guard, who claims that she pointed a gun at his head … Cops say she bit his right arm and the gun went off, with the bullet striking a metal frame.”

The security guard was hospitalized and Daughtrey was charged with “second-degree attempted murder and multiple weapons charges, and was being held without bond.” Daughtrey claims that the shot was fired when the weapon fell out of her bag and she didn’t intend for it to go off.