July 5, 2019

YG’s Registered SUV Was Involved In A Police Chase & Shoot-Out

YG’s Registered SUV Was Involved In A Police Chase & Shoot-Out

photo credit: Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

This doesn’t sound too good!

A SUV allegedly registered in YG’s name was involved in a deadly shoot-out turned police chase.

On July 3rd, a black Escalade was pulled over for reckless driving. Police received complaints of the driver being under the influence as well. The traffic stop took a turn for the worse, when gunshots were fired and a high-speed police chase took place.

The passenger in the car shot fire at an helicopter, as the pursuit was in process. It is being reported that the bulletproof SUV is registered in YG’s name. Unfortunately, during the incident- a police officer was shot. “One deputy was struck. It appears that it was a grazed wound to his right arm that continued on and grazed his shoulder,” said Lieutenant Derrick Alfred told the local news outlet.

Another man was found with 17 gun wounds, and has passed away. It is not clear if he was killed before or during high speed chase and shoot out.

One man in the vehicle has since been arrested, while another man fled on foot. As of now, no word if YG was in the car at the time.

This story is still developing.