September 18, 2019

Young M.A. Deadly With It in #Freestyle132 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

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Young M.A. Deadly With It in #Freestyle132 with Funk Flex [VIDEO]

Brooooooklyn…..Brooooooklyn…. The Kings county MC came through to drop some Real BARS with some REAL meaning behind them that if you know you know! It’s been a minute since KWeen(K because she’s a King Too, W for the Win) came through and BLESSED us with NYC true BARS to digest, but she not only delivered, she Brought enough for the rest of the class. Those that have been ‘poppin off’ at the mouth because they feel like it’s unfair to have to work at a harder level to actually be at a higher position in life… Well M.A. gives the EXACT answer that proves ‘they’ should STFU(just a suggestion for the job attempting to be acquired)… ‘Fuck it that’s all they getting’… watch for your self:

Let me start by explaining the ‘You can’t Flex in my City’.. Especially IF you can’t ‘BE Flex’(in value…) ‘No they gonna envy that’… I’ll let you tell it as far as that line.. he & I have a weird history but yeah and I know what that line means. Now
Like I said earlier some of these bars were specifically spit to show some how to work and not cry… didn’t someone you may know use to work with her? Let me leave with this… ‘Man fvck rumors.. How you gonna believe some compvters’

‘Got rid of some niggas cause they was moving devious’
‘Remember it’s somebody out WORKING while you lay at night’… Reminds me to tell you to hit Flex’s page if/when you’re in NYC to celebrate a birthday because he’s IN THEE CLUBS(while you lay at night).

Just in case, we don’t need to say any pvnk’s names, the ppl that are smart know…. Like All Radio ppl… and all of US from The Stuy 0_0

While I’m here FREE SHOTTI, FREE Melly… That’s my Baii’s!!!!