January 17, 2019

YVNG Swag Talks Being A Social Media Star Headed For Superstardom [PHOTOS]

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YVNG Swag Talks Being A Social Media Star Headed For Superstardom [PHOTOS]

Photo Credit: Marin Hamataj


YVNG Swag is no ordinary person. 


Without meeting the Maryland native and by combing his social media platforms, you would assume he was just another social star with a huge following.

The name “Swag” is appropriate for this young man who comes from a town of cornfields and a population of 19,000.  Upon meeting him for our interview, he was full of personality and dripping in an outfit fit for a person with “Swag” in his moniker.


From humble beginnings to being discovered by Nick Cannon, and landing on his show MTV’s Wild N’ Out, to starring in his own TV special “Fresh Artist” on Teen Nick, and upcoming film projects, the sky is the limit for YVNG Swag. 

He cites James Brown, Bobby Brown and Michael Jackson as his inspiration and his music is a mesh between hip hop and pop. Currently signed to Atlantic Records, his lead single, “Hit My Phone” already has over 6.5 million listens on Spotify. 





1. At what age did you know entertainment was something you wanted to pursue?


At age 15 I knew entertainment was what I wanted to pursue.


2. You are a quadruple threat, do you feel like you have more to prove because you’re dipping into different arenas?


Most definitely into my athletic and Acing skills I haven’t shown theses sides much but definitely will dip into it. 


3. How did you link up with Nick Cannon and his company?


From posting dance videos on social media helping a lot of new artists break their records online and by Nick Cannon making music, he noticed what I was doing and wanted me to dance to a few of his records.  So I then built my relationship with him dancing to his music helping to market and promote! 




4. Wild N Out seems like an intense atmosphere, and you have to be on it! How do you prepare?


I prepare for Wild N’ Out by studying the show.  I used to wild out in high school, we had comedy rap battles at lunch and on spring madness at times, and I would always come with the funny bars, so it’s crazy to me now that I get to show that on Wild N’ Out.


5. What’s the wildest thing that happened on set? 


The Azealia Banks episode when things went left, so petty.


6. We all know about that infamous episode. With signing to Atlantic Records, how would you describe your sound? 


My sound is more melodic pop and rhythmic ! Sounds happy gives you a good vibe, makes you want to dance.


7. With music being accessible to everyone now and it seems like everybody is trying to get into it, as an artist, what sets you apart from the rest?


What sets me apart from others is my show, I’m doing my own artist development with dancing and rapping at the same time because no one is doing that right now besides Chris Brown and the performance is most important no matter what! 


8. When can we expect a single or album from you?


Another lead single off my next project I will be putting out soon! This project will be more towards the ladies! 


9. You’re also getting into acting. Can you talk about any of the projects you’re working on?


So far I’ve done more TV projects with networks like Complex, Teen Nick and MTV one of my goals for 2019 is to look to be apart of a movie film project of some sort.


10. What can people expect from YVNG SWAG in 2019?


In 2019 people can expect me to start throwing my own shows and concerts! Release new music every 2-3 weeks and 2/3 projects this year along with a lot more visuals.