We believe in People. Their ambitions. Their best intentions. Their vision of a better world. For themselves, their families, their communities. And we understand that sometimes the only thing that stands between thinking and doing is the right motivation and someone willing to point the way. That is what Incite was created to do. We engage people. We inspire belief. We incite action. Connecting with people and sparking the movements that drive sustainable change.

Incite is the direct connection between intent and meaningful action.
Engage people. Inspire belief. Incite action.


Our Capabilities

Being part of the Emmis network empowers Incite with the most current media expertise, innovative promotional tools and resources, deep community immersion, and access to celebrity and talent influencers who can positively shape public opinion.

We work in collaboration with corporations, government entities, and nonprofit organizations, to confront today’s greatest social challenges – from public health to climate change, education to community building. We engage through strategic, relevant marketing that has widespread influence – one person and one community at a time.

  • Cause Marketing: Helping businesses grow through partnerships with nonprofit organizations.
  • Social Impact Marketing: Connecting people to resources to educate and improve communities.
  • Nonprofit Marketing: Helping nonprofits develop strategies to spread awareness of their mission and operations.

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