50 Cent Clowns Woman Who Went Viral After She Allegedly Got Stranded At All-Star Weekend

50 cent at Power premiere.

All-Star Weekend went down over the weekend in Atlanta.

One particular All-Star goer allegedly got stranded in ATL, and created a GoFundMe asking for help to get back home. The woman by the name of Yazz shared her story via the GoFundMe page and it went viral. “I went to Atlanta for all star weekend with $400 only booked a one way because I was waiting on my unemployment to pay my way back but they baited I need help surviving and making back home to New York please anything will help!!!” she wrote in her original GoFundMe post that has since been deleted.


Of course 50 Cent had jokes, he writes via Instagram, “is this real [laughing emojis] or is somebody trying to pull some bullsh*t. LOL ALLSTAR weekend is over.”

Many online users suggested that this was all a scam.