Beyonce’s Father Blames Record Label For Lack Of AOTY Grammy Awards

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Jay-Z highlighted his wife, Beyonce, Grammy accomplishments while calling out the awards for snubbing her the Album Of The Year award as he received the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award at the 66th Grammys on Sunday (Feb.4).  Beyonce’s former manager and father, Matthew Knowles, shared with TMZ his thoughts behind her never winning Album of the Year while holding the record for the most Grammys on Monday (Feb. 5). Knowles claims that Columbia Records, Beyonce’s recording home, never lobby for her during voting time.

When asked about Beyonce’s Album Of The Year snub, Knowles said:

“People don’t know the process. Your record label can only appoint one person in a category, so that means her record label, I’ma call you out Columbia Records, her record label has never really put her in that category for consideration. When you have Adele and Beyoncé on the same record label, the record label can only support one of those artists. There’s a lot of reasons, I mean, there’s a financial reason. Maybe Adele sold more records worldwide, I don’t know these answers. But these are some of the thought processes that they go through. Maybe you say, Beyoncé has her success, here’s an opportunity to push Adele, so let’s push her.”

Matthew mentioned that the record labels are not entirely at fault, but it is a combination of their actions and the Grammy voting process.

He added: “It’s combination of all, but it starts with the label. Again guys, I’ve been 14 years in those rooms supporting the label. I know exactly how this work. We spend a whole day listening to a minute of a song and saying, ‘That’s pop.’ And then pop will listen and they say, ‘Oh, that’s R&B.’ That’s a big deal, the genre of the music. And again, there comes a point in the music industry is the whiting of America.”

Beyonce is an icon, one of the most influential stars in pop culture, and one of the greatest entertainers of all time. She holds the record for the most Grammy Awards, with 32.

Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour grossed $579 million, holding the record for the highest-grossing tour by an R&B artist and a black female artist.