Blueface Seemingly Denies Being Chrisean Rock’s Baby Father: ‘I Got One BM Until Further Notice’

Blueface seemingly denies fathering Chrisean Rock’s baby.

Blueface took to Twitter to share that he only has “one baby mother” until a proper paternity test is done. “I got 1 BM an 2 kids till further notice. I’m free. This the best news I got all year..” he tweets.

This comes after Chrisean Rock’s ex-boyfriend alleges that Blueface is not the father. The rapper also alleges that Chrisean may have “faked” the DNA test.

We previously reported that the rapper received tons of backlash after he revealed his newborn son has a hernia and needs to undergo surgery soon- and shared a picture of his swollen genitals. During an interview on No Jumper, he explains, “I had to go ’cause I guess the baby has a little hernia or something,” Blueface began. “I didn’t make the birth ’cause she didn’t invite me. She didn’t let me know nothing. She was just doing some Instagram stuff so I was just like, ‘Alright, how am I supposed to arrange myself to just get over there?’”

Following the interview, Blueface took to Twitter share more about his son. “Baby still ain’t had surgery for his hernia,” he tweeted. “She lying talm bout he healthy, he don’t have a penis cuz the hernia on his balls is so big [and] she steady on here talking about me [and] my cock. Fix our son’s cock first, then go find somebody else to ride.”

Blueface comments sparked outrage online. In a follow up tweet, Blueface says his phone was stolen and his page was hacked.