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Guess Who Wants To Produce A Destiny's Child Biopic! [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Last night, Lee Daniels' STAR debuted on Fox, a new series about a girl group navigating their way through the industry. Queen Latifah is the star of the show, and was on hand at the premiere party to talk to YBF

During the chat, the Queen was asked if she'd ever like to produce a biopic about a girl group, and guess who she said:

“Destiny’s Child."

That would be epic! She also has ideas for a couple others:

"I thought Jade was a good group. Probably the Dixie Chicks or somebody like that. I would do them because they were like one of the biggest groups in the world. [Everyone loved the Dixie Chicks] until they said something that was actually true and not politically correct...That sort of up and down would be kind of interesting to see."

All of those are great, but we want this DC3 one first. Bey, Kelly, Michelle - where ya at?! Let's get this rolling!