Faith Evans Reveals She Doesn’t Date Men With Small Penises: ‘That’s A Turn Off’

Faith Evans does not want you looking her way if you’re not packing down there!

During a recent appearance of the “Marriage or Mirage” podcast, the R&B legend, who just recently settled her divorce with Stevie J, explained what she looks for in a man. “He’s gonna be charming. He’s gonna be funny,” she said. “His spirit is going to have to resonate that there’s God in him. But humor and all of that. It’s not about looks. I’m definitely going to look down at the thing thing. But no, somebody was tryna set me up on a date and I didn’t know it.”

Evans continued, “I was just hanging out with my homegirl and her friend that later on she told me [she was trying to get me up with] and I’m like girl. I looked down and I was like no, never would I. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see nothing. That is a turn off. A little d**k is a f**king turn off. I don’t believe in [a grower.] You gotta have something to grow. Hello. I want to see something. I need to see something for it to get to the bigger part.”

Check out the full conversation below: