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The Boondocks Predicted Oprah Becoming President In 2020! [PHOTO]

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If you’re looking to find out what will happen in the future, just watch cartoon shows.


The Simpsons are notorious for predicting events that happen in society before it comes true; ie. Donald Trump becoming President, the smartwatch, Lady Gaga performing at the Superbowl and more.


It turns out the cult classic, The Boondocks, have also made a prediction that may potentially happen.


In season 1 episode 9 of the series entitled “Return of The King”, the show predicts Oprah becoming President in 2020 and it is in fact the year Donald Trump would be up for re-election!




The episode is about Martin Luther King coming out of  a coma after 32 years only to find his peaceful way of thinking doesn’t work in the post 9/11 era.  Ultimately, the country is in arms with the state of the country and elects Oprah as President.

Will this prediction come true?