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Female Celebs React to Meek Mill’s ”Lace Wig Ban” [PHOTO]

Photo credit - Prince Williams/Getty Images

Meek Mill, who grew up in the rough streets of Philly and had a few run-ins with the law said he's “traumatized” by something women wear on them. LACE WIGS!

The “Dreams and Nightmare” rapper took to Twitter to talk about his “life changing” experience. He tweeted that during a romantic moment he wanted to get a little rough and pull the woman’s hair until her wig came off! He compared the experience to getting food poisoning where a person would typically stay away from the meal that made them sick. 


He received a little backlash where people where saying he “doesn’t like black women.” He quickly cleared that up and said he’s still attracted to women who wear wigs, just in the back of his mind he’ll ask himself if she’s wearing one. Take a look:



This is how Steflondon and Toya Wright reacted:


Toya Wright:


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