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Lend A Helping Hand: Five Ways To Help The Amazon

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As you may have heard, the Amazon Rainforest is currently on fire. For the past couple of days, there have been videos and photos all over social media displaying the devastation that is taking place in Brazil. See posts below. 

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The AMAZON RAINFOREST has been burning for 3 weeks ..... WTF! Nobody is saying a word ! Nobody is doing nothing for our largest rainforest in the world ! Nobody is doing anything for some of the most beautiful people in the world nobody is doing anything for the animals 😨! Mother Nature is angry with us ... you better wake up or she’s gonna give us all the smoke 💨 News /media outlets are quick to cover bullshit and negative stories but won’t talk about the important things 🌍 Pray for Brazil 🇧🇷 All my friends in south America send me updates I’ll keep whosever watching posted and help as much as i can 🤘🏾 TU TU BANGGG • A amazônia está queimando há 3 semanas ..... wtf! Ninguém está dizendo uma palavra! Ninguém está fazendo nada pela nossa maior floresta tropical do mundo! Ninguém está fazendo nada por algumas das pessoas mais bonitas do mundo, ninguém está fazendo nada pelos animais! A mãe natureza está com raiva de nós ... é melhor você acordar ou ela vai nos dar toda a fumaça 💨 Notícias / meios de comunicação são rápidos para cobrir besteiras e histórias negativas, mas não falam sobre as coisas importantes 🌍 Ore pelo Brasil 🇧🇷 #brasil #brazil #amazon

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LUNGS OF OUR PLANET ARE BURNING AND TURNING INTO ASHES. and it’s been happening for 16 days now ‼️ how come last night was the very first time i’ve heard of this??? and many of you did just as i posted it on my stories? the only media i saw posting about it was BBC just this morning. why it’s taken so long? Amazonia is the largest rainforest on our planet, it: • creates 20% of the air we breathe • has 40% of the worlds tropical forest • holds 20% of the worlds fresh water supply • has 10% of the worlds species • has 40 000 of plants species • 3 000 edible fruit besides that - there are more than 430 species of mammals, millions species of insects in there, all of them are dying and no one is doing anything about it. as far as i’ve been researching over the last hours the most heartbreaking and saddening thing about all of this is the fact that this fire 99% wasn’t due to the climate change, it was intentional. approved by the brazilian government in order to “create land” for farm fields. we know that money unfortunately rules this world, but this is unacceptable... profits over the planet. my heart is broken. remember when the Notre Dame was burning? people donated over $1 BILLION in 24h. and i get it. that was heartbreaking for me as well. if you’ve been there you know. but this... i’m literally lacking in words. HOW TO HELP? - raise awareness, share this post with you friends, with your audience, let the world know, don’t be silent - check my newest post to find out about all the ways you can donate, sign the petition and do more PLANT THE TREES: there are two apps that you can use on daily and by using them help the planet and plant trees: • ecosia - it’s a free browser, just like google, safari etc but for every 45 searches they plant a tree, download the app to see all the work they do and use it as your search engine • forest - it’s the focus timer app (around $3 idk i have it for a while now) that plants a garden of virtual trees and once you have enough credit the actual trees are being planted by the developers of the app spread the word. 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 #prayforamazonia stay tuned on my stories for updates.

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The Amazon Rainforest is known as the earth’s lungs and produces 20% of the oxygen that we breathe. Since last Thursday there has been close to 10,000 new fires started purposely by humans. This is a major tragedy but there are ways to help them out and five of them are listed below. 


1. Donate To A Charity: Six organizations are dedicated to helping reduce the fires and restore the Amazon Rainforest.  See below: 

The Amazon Conservation Association

Amazon Conservation Team

Amazon Watch 

Rainforest Foundation US

Rainforest Trust 

Rainforest Action Network 

2. Contact Your Elected Officials/Use Social Media: 

Make your voices heard to your elected officials. Call, Email, or write to them and encourage them to act on this devastating issue. You can also voice your concerns on social media using the hashtags  #PrayforAmazonia and #AmazonRainForest. 

3. Educate Yourself and Others: 

Learn about how important the Amazon Rainforest is to the rest of the world and how deforestation is affecting all of us more than we know. 

4. Sign The Greenpeace Petition

 Signing this petition will tell the Brazilian government and officials to save the rainforest and to protect the lands of the Indigenous people. You can sign here

5. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

A lot of the paper, wood and other supplies that we use usually come from the rainforest. It is best to find out what supplies are considered to be “rainforest safe”.