Lil Nas X Drops 'Panini' Visual + Meaning Behind The Song!


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Lil Nas X Drops 'Panini' Visual + Meaning Behind The Song!

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Lil Nas X dropped a new song, visual, and gave us a new theme to go with it.

The rapper tossed his cowboy hat for a more futuristic type of feel.

His latest single, "Panini", is not about a sandwich. It’s about his “unsupportive” fan base ultimately.

Lil Nas X is comparing his “fans” to a character named Panini from an animated TV series or Cartoon Network, Chowder.

With this track, Lil Nas X isn't grilling sandwiches, but rather his older, not-so-supportive fanbase, whom he is comparing to Panini, a character from the animated television series Chowder, which ran on Cartoon Network for three seasons from 2007 to 2010.

“Panini is a character with a massive crush on the titular Chowder, who doesn't share those feelings in return but instead says, ‘I'm not your boyfriend!’” Panini is a representation of fans of who loves you when you’re small. Once you get the spotlight they aren’t feeling you as much. The song is not a diss but anger towards that fan but also wanting them back, according to Nas.

The 20-year-old rapper dropped the visual and it gives off “Blade Runner” vibes featuring robots. Mike Diva directed to the video which also features Disney Star Skai Jackson.

Jackson tries to outrun Lil Nas X as he tries to recruit her as a fan. It's cute and creative and shows a different side of Lil Nas X as an artist. 

Take a look:


Lil Nas X recently stopped by Ebro and the Morning Show, check it out:

"Panini" is off his debut 7-track EP called, 7






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