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'Rush Hour' Turns 20! Here Are Some Facts You May Not Know About The Movie! #SceneIt

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It’s been 20 years today since the first release of Rush Hour!


The show that spawned memorable lines like “Don’t you ever touch a black man’s radio” and bridged the gap between two different races became a worldwide hit.


The movie earned $244 million dollars and had two sequels following its success.



Now we all know it takes a lot to put a movie together but here are 5 facts you may not happened behind the scenes:




Chris Tucker


1. Chris Tucker was not the first choice to play Detective Carter. Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, and Dave Chappelle were the top choices. Would you have liked to see one of them star in the film instead? 





jackie chan chris



2. Jackie Chan found it difficult to say his lines on camera since his dominate language is Chinese. But Chris was helpful with teaching him how to say certain words/phrases correctly and even helped him improvise!




Chris Tucker Michael Jackson


3. When filming scenes in Hong Kong, Jackie and Chris went to karaoke bars with friends and would spend hours singing Michael Jackson songs. This inspired the scene in Rush Hour 2 where Chris was dancing to “Don’t Stop til You Get Enough”.




Jackie Chan



4. The movie was originally centered around Martin Lawrence and Chris Farley as the leads, until they decided to switch things up and have an Asian lead the film. Great choice.







5. Jackie Chan was the creator behind all of his stunts!




Hope you enjoyed those facts! Now go enjoy the movie! 


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