Social Media Responds To Netflix's 'When They See Us'


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Social Media Responds To Netflix's 'When They See Us'

Hey photo credit: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Netflix released a four part docu-series unveiling the critical and crucial details of the Central Park Jogger case. “When They See Us,” was created, written, and directed by award winning director Ava DuVernay. The series breaks-down the injustices, and reveals the truth of the Central Park Five case.

The series is a based on a true story. The case surrounds five young boys, who grew to be men from Harlem-  as they were falsely convicted of rape and assault. The brutal and harsh truth sparked outrage on social media. The backlash of the film has social media calling for, Linda Fairstein (who was the prosecutor of the case) best-selling books to be pulled from shelves. It was also reported that trustees are looking to remove Fairstein from multiple boards. She eventually resigned from those boards.

Some old tweets from current President, Donald Trump, resurfaced on the internet. 30 years ago, during the case, Donald Trump spent $85,000 on ads in NYC newspapers, before the men were falsely convicted.

View the tweets that resurfaced below.