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Three New Tech Toys that Are a Must Have [PHOTOS]

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There’s no doubt that technology advances every day and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. There is always something new from cars to tablets, to cell phones and laptops. With the end almost coming to a close, there’s still time for some more new tech toys to debut just like these below.


Samsung Foldable Phone:

Samsung just revealed that will be producing a foldable phone that turns into a tablet with a cover screen that is 4.58 inches and the main screen that is 7.3 inches.


Arctis Pro Headset and Game DAC:

These headphones and Game DAC is here to improve the sound of a gamer’s system as well as comfort to the gamer’s ears. It comes equipped with a microphone and is compatible with all of the major game systems.


JBL Link View Smart Speaker

This speaker comes with an 8 inch HD touchscreen, a camera, Wi-Fi connectivity and more.

What would you get?