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Erica Mena To Appear On Hot 97 To Clear Up Report???

Tat Wza

I swear I love being in the position Next to the Big Guy, seeing how some of this happens!! Ok So some things have gone on today that you need to know about. Let's start with yestrday, IFWT posted a story about Erica Mena "BREAKING NEWS: Erica Mena Has A New Boyfriend…And He’s MARRIED!". Then Today facts started coming in, and in the last minutes before the show(according to several trusted sources) Erica reached out to someone the team knows, and expressed she didn't want this to go in any wrong direction(and the source said she seemed concerned), So Flex 'Updated the post, and then began his Mix, and took it to the Air(which you can hear below), and then Erica took to twitter(which you can also see below), So Flex replied on twitter, and it seems Erica will becoming up on th Show at Hot 97 to help us figure this all out...phew 0_o

Flex's Mix(talking about and To Erica:

Erica's Tweet's: