Angry Short Man In Bagel Boss Viral Video Gives HIS Side Of The Story To Ebro in the Morning


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Angry Short Man In Bagel Boss Viral Video Gives HIS Side Of The Story To Ebro in the Morning

Yesterday (July 10), a video went viral which shows Chris Morgan as he lashes out at workers and customers at a Bagel Boss shop in Long Island about his height.

In the clip, you see him animated as he tries complains about the reactions he feels he gets about his height.

Why is it ok for women to say you are 5 feet on dating sites, you should be dead," before slamming down his paper. “Everywhere I go I get the same f***ing smirk with the biting lip." Later in the video he chest bumps a man, and gets into an altercation with another man that throws him down on the ground.




Following being the number one trending topic in the United States last night, he called into Ebro in the Morning to give his side of the story.

"Its been a rough life bro," he started. "It's been up and down. I'm still here. Despite being roughed up and bullied by a bunch know what's. Twice my size, I think they are bad. But I'm still here."

He then continues on talking about how his egg whites wasn't being made the right way. Then he claimed the woman making the eggs began to bite her top lip to hold herself from laughing, whispering, and giggling.

"People behind me started interjecting and that's when it snowballed," he said.

At one point Ebro checks him about his behavior at the store.

"There's a lot of people in the world dealing with a lot of things and your challenges. I'm trying to be understanding of them. But your behavior in public...I'm a 6'2 230 pound black man. Your behavior in public yesterday would have me in prison. You're still at work today."

Morgan then disagreed with that comment, and debated his side of the argument.

"I'm a modern day prophet," he said. "I'm a modern day Martin Luther King." Those comments resulted in laughs.

As for his problem dating he has one question.

“Why do girls 5’1, 5’2 need a guy 6’2?”

He won't be returning to apologize anytime soon though.

"I don't really know as of this point," he said. "As of right now, no. I'm staying away from that. I don't want the trouble or the heat. I don't need it."

An anonymous worker from the Bagel Boss called in to give another perspective on the person and incident.

"He's actually our customer that comes in a lot, he said. "He's that customer that walks in you're like 'here he comes.' He always walks in and has a nasty attitude. Always comes in and gives people a nasty attitude all day, everyday. And 2 he is very rude to every woman that works there. He has made NUMEROUS inappropriate sexual comments towards women workers that works there." The worker then proceeds to describe an occasion where Morgan tried to hit on an 18-year-old co-worker at the shop.

"He was told yesterday, he was not allowed to come back. To the woman cop, he was like 'oh man, she's so ugly,' and didn't want to talk to her." He then claimed that no one was laughing at him at the time, and describes a time he was yelling at another customer.

"He's no longer welcome [at Bagel Boss]."

Following the conversation his YouTube channel was uncovered which showed more offensive, and disgusting behavior from Morgan.

In response to the YouTube, Rosenberg released this statement.

Listen to the full conversation below.