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A Breakdown Of How The Pusha T & Drake Beef Allegedly Ended [VIDEO]

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It has been one week since Pusha T released a scathing diss track towards Drake titled "The Story Of Adidon."

Days after the diss, rumors began to suggest that Drake was getting ready to respond in what would become the second track going directly at the former half of the Clipse. Then silence.

There has been a lot of new developments on what happened since then. Let's try to break the story down best according to latest news reports.

Drake's producer '40' reacts to Pusha T's controversial line with a tweet highlighting multiple sclerosis.

"OVO 40 hunched over like he’s 80, Tick, tick, tick, How much time he got? That man is sick, sick, sick."

Photographer David Leyes who took the infamous blackface reveals the reasons behind the photo then asks Pusha T's manager to delete the photo.

"I'm proud to be part of a strong statement made by a black man about the f***ed up culture he is living in."

Pusha T says he's not worried about a Drake response - that he doesn't have any skeletons in the closet.

“What’s to talk about? It’s all true,” he said. “Ain’t no skeletons with me. I don’t have none. You have people who are great people out there.”

Pusha T Claims Drake is offering $100,000 for information on him.

Drake addresses blackface photo in a IG story message.

Thoughts on @champagnepapi’s explaination?! (Link in bio)

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Pusha T Responds To Drake's Message.

 “That doesn’t change my view at all… You are silent on all black issues, Drake. … You don’t stand for nothing, you don’t say nothing about nothing. … You have all the platform in the world. You were so passionate back then? No you weren’t. That’s number one. That’s what I know.”

Kanye West Takes An Alleged Shot At Drake On His Album.

"Ain't no love lost, but the gloves off, And we up in this b**** until they turn the club off, Had to tell the dogs "turn the snuffs off", Plus they already mad that the Cubs lost, These two wrongs'll right you, I was too grown in high school, The true soul of Ice Cube, Too close to snipe you (the Lord still shines on you), Truth told, I like you, Too bold to type you, Too rich to fight you, Calm down, you light skin!"

Kanye West Says Pusha T/Drake Beef Is 'DEAD'.

It is revealed Drake wrote the hook to "Yikes."

“It is now a confirmed thing that Drake wrote the hook to Yikes” ... “and he didn’t get credited?”

J Prince Confirms That He Stopped The Drake/Pusha T beef - Drake had recorded a career ending diss.

"It's something Kanye didn't want, he said. "He called me. This is something he didn't want. [Before the tweet he sent out saying beef is over,] he let me know 'I'm a family man. I don't want this."