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Cardi B Makes A BIG Announcement As Reebok's Newest Spokesperson! [PHOTO]

(Photo Credit:Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Cardi B is getting that money!

Reebok just officially announced that she is their newest spokesperson joining the likes of Ariana Grande, GiGi Hadid, and more.

According to their press release:

Now, the brand that’s always put realness above perfection and humans above superstars, has chosen none other than Cardi B as their ideal collaborator. Cardi isn’t just a world-class entertainer. She’s a mother, a style icon, a pop culture magnet and – above all else – a fearless individual. She’s broken every mold that superstars are supposed to fit into—and she’s reached the top by following nobody’s path but her own.

Matthew O’Toole, Reebok’s president, spoke to WWD about their latest announcement.

“For us, she really is emblematic of what our brand has done well over the years and that is to be bold, provocative and uninhibited,” he said. “If we look at some of the things we’ve done with Allen Iverson or being the first to sign musicians, or more recently with Kerby [Jean-Raymond] of Pyer Moss, when we are at our best we are with people who are comfortable living out loud and Cardi fits that.”

Cardi B also spoke about the new announcement.

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