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Gary Vee Stops By HotinTech to Talk 2017! [VIDEO]

Gary Vaynerchuck aka Gary Vee on little ole HotinTech?!? What was the alternative? For him not to be, FOH, it was the only choice!!! If you don't know by now, Gary Vee is a social media Brand mogul, investing in giants like Twitter, Uber, and most recently snap inc aka Snapchat, And in the last year turning himself into the face of his empire, creating even more jobs by turning his every day 24hrs into captivating and motivating content, crowning him a guru in brand marketing... allowing him to devour whole budgets(digital and traditional) with some of the worlds biggest brands!! Some people may not know but Gary is a hip hop head(of old though, not the more recent stuff), what some call golden era hip hop, late 80's to early, mid, late '90's..... not just the music, but the rise of the Stars, and especially the business side that blew up in that time. Gary watch all of that and saw the same thing in Social Media when it first took off in the early 2000's, and here we are! We sat down with him to pick his brains about 2017, how 2016 left us, and an overall direction tech is headed... he's not Nostradamus but he said shone sh*t: Thank You Gary, Mike and the whole Vayner Media Team!!!  

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