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HiT: Tuma From Spotify Talks Playlist Vs. Radio Culture & More [VIDEO]

Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services in the world, it’s really the thorn in Apple’s side right now but in all honesty Apple and and the rest need to take a bit of a bow to Spotify….. See we remember when there was only Pandora and Spotify, Pandora was the US’s services trying to break into Europe, and Spotify was Europe’s service that worked with FB, and got Worldwide attention, then they got their own US app in the app store and they proceeded to turn pandora off in the youth. Here we are a few years later and as of right now it’s a 3 way battle for top music streaming service supremacy between Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal, and to be honest, Tidal is right now but with rumors of HOV looking to sell, Princes family looking to get his music off, Kanye going at HOV and Tidal from time to time AND Beyonce not keeping her music in there…’s really between Apple and Spotify. Apple seems to have an edge with the destinct device usage, but Spotify actually has the advatage there because they are on both, AND Spotify has an even bigger edge, the Playlist culture!!! This is where our friend Tuma from the top Hip Hop playlist on Spotify, “Rap Caviar” comes in, he sit’s down to have a frank discussion on Playlists Vs radio, or rather what Radio really means to the world Vs what Playlists mean, and talks about how their playlist get put together and what other playlist mean something out there(disclaimer, this was filmed way before the making of the #FunkFlexPlaylist, and is NO Way competition). Ok the discussion is a bit long for what we do but it’s an honest conversation that a music fan that wants to understand how things work should watch, so here you go; Anything to talk about after watching this(like how we make the word 'Playlist-ism' a factual word!!!), or you just want to agree or disagree about Tech, hit us up at;  

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