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IG Went Live Today, Did You?? [PHOTO]

Wooooowww, So as I was finishing up a True Review  of the new Snapchat spectacles, which I stood in line for just to let you know how they work, IG went nuts and started opening up a bunch of accounts to go #IGLive, which is a lot like FB Live, but on IG, and you can't save it like FB Live, which already seems to be an issue, but I'm sure if you complain enough, an update will follow! If you're not sure where and how to get, 1st, make sure you're on the latest IG, them go where you would to record your 15sec story, or upload to stories, if you see a live in front of Normal and Boomerang, you got it, just needs a test run, IF you don't see that, you gotta wait, that's it.


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I see plenty of people on my timeline with it, and plenty of people complaining to me that they don't have it, so it's still in the middle of a roll out, keep calm, you'll go live soon enough, and probably only a few times, so cool out!!