Kelsey Harris Granted ‘Use Immunity’ + Invokes The 5th Amendment During Tory Lanez Trial 

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Day 3.

For Tory Lanez shooting trial, Megan’s ex-bestfriend Kelsey Harris took the stand.

James Queally, LA Times reporter says Kelsey’s testimony started with her attorney’s requesting immunity. She was reportedly granted “use immunity,” meaning the DA’s office can’t use her testimony to prosecute her for a crime. 

According to Lawyer for Workers, who has been sitting in on the case, Kelsey invoked the fifth amendment when asked if Tory shot her. She denied accepting “hush money” and being a lousy friend to Megan. 

Lawyer for Workers also says Kelsey said, initially, Megan wanted her to hook up with Tory, and they did. Kelsey said when she got COVID, she went from LA back home to Texas, and then Tory and Meg allegedly hooked up. Kelsey said she didn’t find out until the night at Kylie Jenner’s house, and there was a lot of tension there. 

Kelsey denied that Tory tried to shoot her. She also admitted lying to the police to “protect herself.” 

We’ll keep you updated with updates as they become available.