Killer Mike Opens Up About His Arrest At The 2024 Grammy Awards

During a recent appearance on “The View,” Killer Mike opened up about being arrested at the 2024 Grammy Awards. “I think backstage was overcrowded, I think the winners were exuberant, and I think security got a little over-zealous,” the Atlanta native said. “It’s water under the bridge for me.”

“I’d like to say, all of my heroes have been in handcuffs. Malcolm, Martin, Mandela, Medgar. I walked out with the same dignity and respect I walked in with. I would implore people to take that from it. Don’t dwell on the bad stuff,” he continued. “And the next morning, I spent three hours by myself and the police said we had never got this many phone calls, people are gonna protest, we’re gonna have to move you. They were all panicked and I was just sitting there and I began to invoke thanks.”

Killer Mike added, “I thank God for bringing me where I was. I thank God for putting me in a space by myself and I got an opportunity to invoke the spirit of my mom and my grandmother.” Check out the full conversation below.