Latto Speaks About Losing Her ‘Butt’ After Extreme Weight Loss

Latto opens up about her weight.

While on Twitter, Latto says she lost a lot of weight, including in certain parts of her body. “I lost hella weight & lost my butt too,” she wrote with sad and angry emojis.

The rapper did share a series of picture online that showed off her curves- in which fans deemed a thirst trap. In the picture she posed with Savage x Fenty lingerie on and showed off her multiple plaques.

We previously reported that the “Put It On Da Floor” rapper opened up about not doing music forever. She expresses, “I want to get in my acting bag, because I see myself going out like Rihanna,” Latto told Cosmopolitan. “I don’t see myself doing music forever. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been doing it for so long already. Sometimes you just want more. I just did my first little acting gig the other day and I fell in love with that. I like more serious roles.”

She also says she’s looking forward to being a mom. “Let me tell you, I think moms are superheroes,” she said, “Man, I literally idolize motherhood. Like, with Mother’s Day, I get all my friends that have kids, my grandmas, my aunties, cousins, anyone who’s a mom around me, I send them flowers and gifts. I don’t play. I send my assistant to Chanel to get, like, 10 bags for everybody I know. I’m obsessed. My TikTok algorithm is all moms talking about their experiences and packing like, ‘Get ready with me.’ Moms cleaning up after their kids. It’s so weird.”

She continued, “I’m not going to feel like I made it for real until I have my kids, I’m married, I just got my house out in the country, and I’m just ducked off with my little family.”