Lauryn Hill Adds More Tour Dates To 25th Anniversary Tour

Lauryn Hill extended her tour.

The iconic singer added more dates to her The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill tour, celebrating 25 years of her classic debut album. Hip Hip DX reports there will be 10 additional stops across North America including Vancouver, San Francisco, Detroit, St. Louis, Atlanta, and more. The Fugees are set to co-headline. 

In a statement, the “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” singer said:

“I’ve almost felt compelled to carry a torch or to keep a light shining regarding the continual performance of the Miseducation album.” She continued,

“I believe there’s been a reason for that—and the Fugees coming back together for performances too feels like unfinished business we’re destined to handle. The connections are real and uncanny, and the magic and synergy between us has not been deterred by time.” Then she went on to say:

“I believe the messages that we and the art we made embody something moving, meaningful, and important for us and for the world. We gave voice and image to possibilities that emblazoned so many musical directions after us. As we were inspired, we also inspired countless artists who have shown up to express themselves in this musical space.” Lauryn ended the message with:

“Both the Miseducation and the Fugees’ material challenged and expanded convention, by paying homage to the past, while richly embracing the present, and emblazoning the trail for the future. We represent not just ourselves but our influences and our peers who took art, culture, and inspiration very seriously—- who reshaped the landscape for ourselves and for those who would follow after us. I’m grateful to be able to celebrate this classic material and re-present it to an audience in this time.”

The tickets for the new show dates go on sale on October 6.