Lil Baby Explains Why He Was ‘Caught’ Wearing A Fake Patek

Lil Baby attends the Official Fight After Party at The Dome on June 26
.(Photo by Prince Williams/GettyImages)

A jeweler bamboozled Lil Baby! 

As reported on Hot New Hip Hop, Lil Baby was sold a fake Patek and paid $400,000 for it. 

At the time, the rapper wasn’t aware that his new watch was fake. When Lil Baby realized it, he wrote a message on social media. On Instagram Story, he @‘d the maker of the expensive watch, Patek Phillips, and said, “See, this why I need to be on the list! Aftermarket jewelers going to make me do something I shouldn’t.” Take a look.

There’s an elite list of people allowed to buy the watch directly from the jeweler, such as people like Drake. Hopefully, Lil Baby can be added to it to avoid getting zoed!