Lil Durk Sued for Fraud By Startup Claiming He Sold Song Rights To Two Different Companies

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Lil Durk is being sued by a startup company for allegedly selling it the same song rights to a track that is owned by another record label.

On Wednesday (Dec. 6), Exceed Talent Capital filed a lawsuit against the Chicago native in Manhattan federal court. According to court documents obtained by Billboard, the company said that Durk agreed to grant it the recording royalties from his song “Bedtime,” which he had already signed an exclusive deal with his label, Alamo Records

“As a direct and proximate result of defendants’ aforesaid contractual breaches, Exceed has sustained, and continues to suffer, significant foreseeable losses including, without limitation, the $450,000 that Exceed paid to the OTF/TTPMG Parties under the Agreement, no portion of which has been returned to Exceed despite its repeated demand therefor,” the lawsuit read.

Exceed claimed it is owed more than $12 million in damages.