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News > Lisa Evers > This Sunday, 4/6/14 on HOT 97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, we're talking about HAPPILY NEVER AFTER

This Sunday, 4/6/14 on HOT 97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, we're talking about HAPPILY NEVER AFTER

Have marriage and monogamy become obsolete

While some dream of finding "The One," and getting married, studies show that fewer people are actually tying the knot. And of those who say "I do," many are saying "I don't" later on. Why is this happening?

As for monogamy, while many claim it's what they want in a relationship, social media and apps for instant hookups are making it tougher and tougher to stay true to the one you love! And if both partners agree on exclusivity, do doubts turn you into a detective, trawling through social media sites looking for clues of cheating?

Here are some of the questions we're asking:

1) Does anyone really want to get married any more?

2) Are any young couples actually in happy marriages?

3) Is it possible to be truly exclusive and avoid cheating issues?

4) Is it time to reinvent relationship rules?

5) What about having multiple partners but being totally honest about it?


1) A happily married young couple who believe in marriage.

2) A single woman who wants to get married but is losing hope.

3) A single man who's looking for a wife, but says all women want is to be wifey & "wifed up."

4) A female "tough love" relationship counselor who believes women need a gameplan today to get to the altar.....or some other strong perspective.

5) A male relationship counselor who's got a unique take on cheating for men.

6) Someone who believes polygamy is the solution, and can explain why.

7) An anti-marriage commentator who believes marriage is over-rated and weddings are a money making industry, and that true love doesn't need a license.

8) A private investigator or law enforcement/security expert who can give us some good tips about how to tell if someone is lying to you, and what to look for in your relationships.

If you fit the description and would like to come on the show, or would like to recommend someone for the topic, please reach out to me ASAP via EMAIL: and I will send you more details. And TUNE into Hot 97 Street Soldiers Every Sunday 9am - 10am or call us LIVE 1.800.223.9797