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THIS Reality Star Shares A Heartfelt Open Letter Towards Mandeecees [PHOTO]

A former co-star has helped lend a helping hand.

Soon after news on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York star Mandeecees Harris' sentence became public there was plenty of support for Yandy.

K. Michelle learned of the news late, but wasted no time showing off her support for a couple that she "respects."

He is expected to serve about 8 years in prison after reaching a plea deal for federal drug trafficking.

Check out her heartfelt post below.


Where do I start? It's late and I'm just leaving the studio but honestly this is heavy on my heart. @yandysmith and @mendeecees I respect u both dearly. Yandy, your dedication and love for your husband is not only motivational to me but inspiring. I've been in several relationships but never truly valued love. My motto has been hurt them, before they hurt me. After being apart of your wedding and just witnessing the loyalty and determination to not give up on love and make your family work it opened my eyes. I realized I was loving wrong. Love isn't for cowards and that's what I was a coward numb to any emotion. My words were just lies to play the role. I can honestly say I had NEVER truly been in love with any man in my life. I just hated sleeping alone. We all make mistakes and even though @mendeecees is having to pay for them now, his fight to get his life right and love his family is so promising and real. You guys are the definition on REAL black love. In a world where men would much rather run from commitment and think it's cool to collect hearts you guys are the real deal. The last four months I decided to be honest with myself and finally let my guard down and try out love, and I must say you guys gave me the courage to do that. Who knows what will happen, but I do know I won't be settling or accepting anything other than the purest and ultimate attention, time, and respect towards me, and I will do the same. And if they can't be that to me, there's no me in the equation. You guys rock. Kiss the babies, me and Sklar still have an ice cream date coming up! Allow this test to be your testimony and inspire others. I Love yall❤ Time will fly he will be home before you know it Yandy❤

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