News > > Hot 97, WBLS, & WLIB Tackle The Biggest Issues In The Black Commnity w/ 'One Voice' Conversation [RECAP]

Hot 97, WBLS, & WLIB Tackle The Biggest Issues In The Black Commnity w/ 'One Voice' Conversation [RECAP]

Today, we stopped program on Hot 97, WLIB, and WBLS, for an important conversation surrounding race relations, the enviornment between police officers and citizens of color, and much more.

Ebro and Lisa Evers hosted the conversation which got heated at times as Commissioner Bratton began that show giving his opinion on how the NYPD is working on fixing relations between themselves and black and hispanics in the city.

"Last year we put all of our personnel through three days of training dealing with issues of racial bias, newer tactics trying to attack the issue of legitimacy in policing," he said. Bratton later continued. "We have what we call the peace dividend. There have been hundred of thousands of fewer question and frisk incidents. We have reduced significantly  summons in terms of our marijuana arrest policy."

"We have also been recently working with the city council that we have agreed to use civil enforcement as a first option rather than criminal enforcement over many of the so-called broken windows/quality of life offense sch as public urination etc. We have in the city also, the lowest police involved shootings of any major population in America."

The group also tackled many important topics such as police quotas, racial profiling, psychological issues in America, and much much more.

Other panelists include Peter Rosenberg, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Radio News Director Bob Slade, and Clinical Social Work/Therapist Dr. Elisa English, and retired NYPD Lieutenant Dr. Darrin Porcher.

Join the conversation and watch #OneVoice below.

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