Nicki Minaj Can’t Believe Her Son Doesn’t Like Rice Krispy Treats

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Nicki Minaj had her fans dying of laughter after she revealed that her son, who she refers to as Papa Bear, doesn’t like Rice Krispies treats.

“I have NEVER in my LIFE met a kid who didn’t like Rice Krispies treats,” the Pink Friday 2 hitmaker tweeted. “In the hood that was considered some expensive, elite s**t that we could NEVERRRR afford. It wasn’t even a THOUGHT if we could throw that in the cart smfh. Chiiiiii idk who this lil’ boy think he [is].”

In a follow-up tweet, she added, “I think it’s [because] it’s sweet [and] I don’t let him eat sweets yet, really… it’s ok, buddy… if you ever see this, mama is happy you ain’t eating sweets [and] I shouldn’t be telling your business on the internet. Love you. You cleared your vocals yet? On the song [with] Billie?” Check out related posts below.