Quavo Says He’s ‘Gathering A Whole Bunch Of Information’ For Takeoff’s Posthumous Album

A new Takeoff album is in the works!

Yesterday (Aug. 31), VIBE published a an interview with Quavo, who shared his plans on keeping his late nephew and bandmate alive with a posthumous project. “The next project I’m going to be working on is the Rocket’s. You know what I’m saying? Takeoff,” he told the publication. “I’m gathering a whole bunch of information, gathering a lot of producers, gathering a lot of my friends, a lot of the artists. And we’re going to make this album one of the craziest albums of all time.”

Back in July, the “Turn Yo Clic Up” rapper revealed that Takeoff left behind a bunch of music. “Something about Take’s verses is so ahead of his time. It’s like, right now. Every time. It’s like he just did it. All the verses,” Quavo explained in a self-released video on Youtube. “So, when he album comes, it’s gon’ be like… The only person that went crazy after they went away is Pop Smoke, he had a great album. And 2Pac. Pop wasn’t out long enough, so he couldn’t keep a lot of the stuff. So I would put Take and 2Pac as far as like catalog and [having] a whole bunch of music in the vault. He prolly can drop music for the next 10, 15 years.”

He continued, “In this phone alone, it’s 150 songs. And that’s just in the phone. Every phone prolly got like 350 songs each… I got like five phones, [Take] got like three phones. He got songs I never even heard. ‘Bro, why you never played me this?’” Check out the full video below.