Soulja Boy Faces Possible U.K. Ban Over 21 Savage Remarks

soulja boy
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – SEPTEMBER 10: Rapper Soulja Boy performs onstage during his SouljaWorld tour at Buckhead Theatre on September 10, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

British rapper K-Trap has called for Soulja Boy to be banned from entering the United Kingdom following disparaging remarks Soulja Boy made about 21 Savage. K-Trap expressed his displeasure during an interview with Billy the Goat. He said, “We can’t let Soulja Boy come to the U.K.,” and criticized Soulja Boy’s comments as “disrespectful.” K-Trap highlighted that American rappers who have collaborated with genuine street figures in the U.K. understand the seriousness of the environment. He also pointed out that visiting American rappers often stay in luxury hotels when they are in London, contrasting with the harsh realities of street life.

Soulja Boy’s conflict with 21 Savage began over the latter’s defense of Metro Boomin during a social media dispute. In an Instagram Live rant, Soulja Boy mocked 21 Savage for being born in Britain, saying, “You think I’ma let a p*ssy-ass n***a from Britain talk to me crazy? You lame as f*ck, n***a. Take your p*ssy ass back to Britain, b*tch.” This comment drew criticism from K-Trap and others who felt it was an unjust attack on 21 Savage’s heritage.

21 Savage responded to Soulja Boy’s taunts with a tweet defending his background and connection to Atlanta. “I been in Atlanta since 1st grade, lost my virginity there, got shot there, in and out of juvenile there,” he wrote. “I went from the hospital in London straight to the projects. Y’all think London is Rodeo Drive lol.” This response highlighted his deep ties to Atlanta despite his London birthplace.

The feud between Soulja Boy and 21 Savage continued despite an eventual apology from Soulja Boy to Metro Boomin. The tension underscored the complex dynamics between the artists, with 21 Savage’s defense emphasizing his identity and experiences in both the U.K. and Atlanta. Soulja Boy’s comments have sparked significant backlash, with K-Trap leading the call to prevent him from entering the U.K. due to the perceived disrespect towards the British rapper.