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Summer Jam Prep With Lil Wayne

Refresh On Your Weezy Bars Before The Big Show!

When Lil Wayne hits the Summer Jam stage you need to be prepared! Here is a little refresh and breakdown of a Weezy Song!

Rich Gang (Birdman, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Future) – Tap Out


[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]

Lyrics: If you hating, you just need some pussy

Translation: LISTEN UP HATERS, Lil Wayne has found the cure to stop your hating…pussy….Go get some, prices may vary.

 Lyrics: She fucked up when she gave me some pussy

Translation: Someone’s a little cocky …pun intended. He’s implying that she messed up by having sex with him because she won’t want anyone after him. If he does this with every girl, no one will want her mainly because of the diseases she may or may not now be carrying.

 Lyrics: Say I fuck it better than that other nigga

Translation: If you look up one line, you’ll see that he already told her she’s going to regret having sex with him because HE’S THAT GOOD. Cocky… Soooo Cock-y.

 Lyrics: She say 'Tune I'm bout to cum' I say 'I'm coming witcha'

Translation: I like the word play with the whole with cum and coming..not bad Lil Wayne… I need to step it up… he’s doing my whole sexual pun bit.

 Lyrics: And she don’t like them pretty niggas, siddity niggas

Translation: She doesn’t like pretty boys and guys who are NOT thugs….Shout out to all my thugs on this one. #thuglifeforeva

 Lyrics: She ride this dick- her titties jiggle, that’s my pillows

Translation: When they’re having sex, she bounces up and down so much that her titties jiggle… he considers those his pillows… Most people use those fancy memory foam pillows or the one’s filled with feathers…

 Lyrics: That's because I sleep in that ho, hit it when I wake up

Translation: Weezy lets this young lady stay all night. Oh man, that must not be comfortable especially if she’s trying to sleep while he’s in her. Most people find comfort to sleep with a teddy bear, and not with their junk inside of a girl…

 Lyrics: Tell the pigs I say As-Salam Alaykum

Translation: International lesson kids: “As-Salam Alaykum” is a Muslim greeting meaning “peace be upon you”…The pigs he’s referring to are the police that he always loves to avoid. Now let’s all write a ‘thank you’ letter to Mr. Wayne for the new saying we learned while listening to his song.

 Lyrics: My bitch a choosy lover, never fuck without a rubber

Translation: This lady is choosy and won’t do it without a condom… smart girl. Rap it before you tap it!

 Lyrics: Sweet yellow bone thing, I call her honey mustard

Translation: According to urban dictionary, yellow bone is the lightest of light skinned black females…and honey mustard is also yellow and deliciously sweet…I think he’s implying something here. Obviously, he’s craving Subway with some honey mustard on it.

 Lyrics: Pussy like a seashell, dick like a V-12

Translation: I’m assuming he’s referring to the color of her…kitty, being the same color as a seashell, which comes from the wet ocean. You see what I did there? Ok, just a little desperate here. And his wee-wee is being compared to a V-12 engine, which is very large and has great quality. COCKY. SO FREAKIN COCKY.

 Lyrics: She say I drive her crazy, I say just keep on your seat belt

Translation: Since his wee-wee is like a V-12, she says that he drives her crazy (meaning, he turns her on)… (Side note: I did not know there were so many sexual puns involved with cars). He tells her she needs to “keep her seat-belt” on to be safe.

 Lyrics: Bend it over, bust it open for me

Baby bend it over, bust it open for me

Translation: He’s asking her to basically touch her toes and spread her legs so he can go inside of her.

 Lyrics: She say she love me, she just love this dick

Translation: She told him she loved him, but he knows that she doesn’t love him, she loves his wee-wee.

 Lyrics: Come put that million dollar pussy on me, make me rich

Translation: Her p*ssy is so good that he could be a millionaire if he had sex with her. Is Lil Wayne having money issues or something? This is taking things a little too far.

 Lyrics: Tunechi

Translation: Tunechi, as defined by Urban Dictionary:  “Lil Wayne's grandmother nicknamed tune and Wayne started added the Chi to form his own nickname Tunechi to make it sound like Gucci.” That’s right. Tunechi, OUT.


Enjoy the song!