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Interview: Bozoma Saint John Talks About Her Summer Jam Experience

Bozma Saint John is the head of music and entertainment marketing at Pepsi

Bozoma Saint John is a unicorn, but is most commonly known as the head of music and entertainment marketing at Pepsi. This wonder woman was the genius behind the Beyonce Super Bowl marketing campaign and has again partnered with Hot 97 to bring us Summer Jam XX. Bozoma has changed the trade of music and entertainment marketing with her innovative and creative approaches that utilize our favorite stars. Having recently been named Billboard's "Women of the Year" and making Fast Company's "Most Creative People of 2013," I caught up with Bozoma to discuss Summer Jam XX.

Is this your first Summer Jam?

"No! This is my sixth Summer Jam."

Oh wow! What's so special about this one, in particular, for you?

"20 years! That's special. It's the Super Bowl of hip hop music conferences and the fact that it has been around for 20 years at this size with 55 thousand people is amazing. Got to be here!"

If you could have gone to any one of the Summer Jam's, which one would it be? And I have a feeling I know what you're going to say.

"The Summer Jam I would have attended would have been the one with Michael Jackson. It has to be! I don't know why you would say anything else!"

It's crazy that there was no footage!

"I KNOW! It kills me! They started the live feeds and digital production the year after, but there is no footage."

So how did you prepare for Summer Jam? You're a key player in it's production!

"Well, it's been a long road. We've been a part of Summer Jam, with Pepsi, for a number of years. But this is the first time we decided to utilize our presence on the internet, doing "The Road to Summer Jam" series. It's so crazy because we've been talking about doing it for a number of years but it was the first time we could actually get all of our ducks in a row and have Enuff, Ebro, and Donisha. I loved it because-- what I wanted to do was show it from different perspectives, so you get the over-all view of production. It's not the same seeing it from Ebro's point of view, who works with the artist, or seeing it from Donisha's point of view, who is the executive producer, from Enuff's perspective, who is a DJ, from Miguel, who is an artist, from Me, who is a sponsor... It's literally the best of all the worlds of Summer Jam a 360 view of what happens and how this thing actually comes to life. It's not just one person, but an army of people."

Why do you think Summer Jam is so important to the hip hop culture? Out of all of them, Summer Jam is spoken about the most.

"You know what? Here's what happens. I feel like Summer Jam is about "legend." It's about continuity. It's about consistency. It's about perfection and delivering again and again. You can't do this 20 years and not have a legendary status. No one else can do that. So unless you're doing that, you will not get to the level of Summer Jam, so you have to start now. If you want to reflect 20 years from now saying 'I'm the best thing since Summer Jam.' So that's the key!"