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[VIDEO] Interview: Vinny Cha$e Reflects On His First Summer Jam Performance

Vinny Cha$e says Waka should come to Summer Jam every year

Vinny Cha$e is a festival artist who is a product of Harlem. I'm not sure what they have in their water up there, but Harlem is a pool of talent. Vinny has performed shows with Hot 97 "Who's Next," finally making his way to the festival stage of the hip hop olympics, Summer Jam. He premiered some new music and performed some old hits like "Biggie and Jordans." Check out what he had to say below and some video clips!

So how was your first Summer Jam?

"Man it was f*cking off the chain! We shut it down. [We] brought a rocket launcher and sh*t. I f*cking through beach balls and sh*t. Man, we don't go by no rules. We were surrounded by cops but still managed to get people what they needed."

Who do you think should have been on this line-up?

"I think mothaf*cking Waka Flocka should have been on this stage because that's a turned up moth*fucka."

He was here last year!

"So what? That's my n*gga"

So how did this performance differ from all of the other ones? You performed with Chief Keef Last night.

"I mean it was really different first off because it was outside and it's pretty, gorgeous day. I've never really performed outside on a bomba** day like this. The audience was mad interactive and sh*t. It was mad people as far back as the eyes could see."

You also just performed a new record today!

"Yeah, I wanted to see how people vibed to it. It's called 'Mad I Made It.' And we just did it like that. That's coming out on Kings Landing next month!"