Tyrese Abruptly Leaves Concert After Someone Tried To Serve Him

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Tyrese Gibson surprised fans at Stockbridge Amphitheater in Stockbridge, Georgia on Saturday night (May 11), abruptly leaving his concert fast and furious.

According to TMZ, video footage revealed the 45-year-old entertainer exiting early, reportedly due to legal documents being served to him by a security guard. Tyrese is in legal battles with his ex-wife Norma Mitchell and filmmaker Bryan Barber.

The documents relate to a $10 million lawsuit filed by Bryan Barber for defamation and libel. Tyrese was seen on stage when the security guard whispered to him, prompting him to leave abruptly, still singing. Despite having three songs left, he left the stage.

The next day, Tyrese posted a video snippet on Instagram, expressing gratitude to fans and hinting at future tours. He didn’t address leaving early. Fans commented on his post, questioning his sudden exit and expressing disappointment at missing a chance for a photo.

The lawsuit against Tyrese was filed in October 2023 by Bryan Barber, alleging defamation over comments made on The Breakfast Club. Barber claims Tyrese damaged his reputation by accusing him of withholding interview footage. He seeks $10 million in damages.

In April 2023, a Fulton County judge ordered the singer to pay his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson $237,944 in back child support and $399K in attorney fees. This comes after he refused to pay $10,000 monthly in child support payments, calling it “excessive.” 

Tyrese said Samantha doesn’t need that much because she makes “good money.” Instead, he paid $2,236 per month. 

The actor must pay $17,000 for a court-appointed special master, “a referee, of sorts, appointed by the judge to handle minor disputes during the case,”