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HotinTech: True Review of Snapchat Spectacles [VIDEO]

If you haven't heard or out of the 'loop'(if you have heard skip to video, you might may enjoy it) social media platform Snap inc. aka Snapchat has jumped into the consumer hardware business which if they do successfully they will be the first SM platform to do so(FB tried with a phone some years back it wasn't time yet, people were still figuring out their actual phones, they didn't have time for just FB then), and now may be the time for a social media brand to do so! I want to find out, is this a good investment? Are these behavior you need to learn to stay away from?? Are these a great Xmas present??? Or is this just some kid friendly consumer product that just happens to teach social media platforms how diff generations 'see' things in realtime???? All good questions, some of the answers there's no way to tell short term with out ASSumptions, but looking at key factors like 'how' you generally use your social media, especially snapchat(or have you stopped using it), then using a new device, 'when' 'where', 'why' it gets used, as well as 'who' you use it on, all of which gives you a scale priority, which helps you learn how to maximize your content creation, but also shows us the level of impact this device has, Which you kinda want know, right? Of course the scary part is learning that kinda data is they learn the 'natural you', and when they scale to mass, like the platforms do, they practically can mind reading.... once they know that, they can make $$$ off of behavior and you're buying products you told them to make so it will never end!!!! New Tech or Nah?! As people wonder what the next thing a phone can do, or what's the next social media to become something, what's new, what's innovative??? Well these 'spectacles could very well become that device to fill that 'void', at least until Samsung or Sony roll out contacts that take video, with audio, your Actual POV... mark my words, that's coming!!!


I loved seeing the surprise on the faces of those that hadn't even heard of them, the shock of 'this is where we're at'. The Hard to get Spectacles(because snap inc has put out a very limited supply so the splash will make a bigger impact) are actually a delight to use, I've said to people that 'they feel like what Google Glass should have been to consumers'. Now if you're a techie, please don't start cursing at me and telling how much better and more technology Glass had... I know that, I said to consumers, the people that just want the damn technology to work and be easy.... they don't care if it can send text by talking to it, or take picture with the blink of an eye(yes Glass did all that), they just want to press the button, take video, and about a minute later be in the snap roll ready to share it should they choose..... Spectacles most definitely do that!!!


- [ ] Easy to set up

- [ ] Easy to use

- [ ] Automatic upload

- [ ] Easy to charge

- [ ] Kid friendly colors Are they a good gift for preteens that have social media, Teenagers, content creators(give their specific content) and maybe parents that are half ass cool because of a job type or something, which would suggest an influencer of some sort.


Are they new or innovative.... well yes in the sense that it's a new consumer device but the technology is not new(just implemented differently), new to you, so fun! Warning: You can't just get them right now, check the specs site to stay updated but you can only get from a 'snapbot' vending machine($140), which is supposed to be over Jan. 1st, which I'd say sometime after that, maybe spring they'll be in a Best Buy(prob about $99/$140 then) Here's some of the real functionality for that bread:


- [ ] 115 degree so you can turn the phone and see diff things

- [ ] Takes about a minute to upload, then you share what you want

- [ ] It records bout 1sec after you press the button

- [ ] You can delete footage you don't like

- [ ] You can keep recording more than 10secs

- [ ] You can put text and geo tag when you share

- [ ] You don't have to share and just keep to yourself(for now)

- [ ] You can record a bunch and upload later

- [ ] Does take 'that long' to charge

- [ ] Not sure you need a 100 snaps per charge as promised

- [ ] If you keep case around and put back in time to time, they're always ready As I mentioned, you have to always be aware, stay woke!


If you get these as a gift, then you will really have to stay in your Childs snap life, make sure the understand the diff of what to share publicly verse privately verses just recording and not sharing, and how that's still vulnerable personal content(stay woke), when they get a sense of 'really being careful' on the web, MAYBE you trust their judgment. With all that being said, If you need a reason to not like them, aside from saying 'just use your phone', here's what you MAY Not like:


- [ ] #1 Reason: As of right now you can't use filters(no slutty puppy)

- [ ] You know it's recording because of flashing light on left eye(not stealthy you creep)

- [ ] Will use data mid to heavy if not on wifi

- [ ] When you save to roll, it comes out in a bubble

- [ ] If not on the newest phone/OS, may act really funny

- [ ] The battery test system is kinda bull shit

- [ ] Not sure about waterproof, don't think so...

- [ ] The 'record more' system isn't precise

- [ ] Will act funny when low on battery

- [ ] Not sure how they are on Android

- [ ] They're shades so in a dark environment like a club or at night you can't see where you're going well

- [ ] They need clear or prescription's(which could very well become an issue(most of us nerds where glasses)

- [ ] You get less than 100 snaps per charge Also. 


Enjoy the first look of a freestyle through the specs: Remy MA & Papoose Freestyle #027


A video posted by T Wiz (@tatwza) on


A video posted by T Wiz (@tatwza) on



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