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Black History Now: Remembering The Past, While Celebrating The Future [VIDEO]

Remembering the past while celebrating the future.

Black History Month is celebrated every year in February where students, and multiple different outlets take the time to educate and remember the sacrifices leaders such as Martin Luther King, JR., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Marcus Garvey and many many more to push our country one step forward.

While celebrating past leaders and accomplishments, it is also a time to take a look at those who are pushing King's dream forward while breaking through the glass ceiling and creating bigger opportunities to people of color everyday.

Black History Now highlights a few of the special, young leaders that are pushing to make a better America.

Angel Rich

The next Steve Jobs?

Maybe! The Hampton University graduate used her own intelligence and life experiences to help bring financial literacy to all especially students with the creation of the app Credit Stacker. She also wrote a book called The History of the Black Dollar.

See her interview below.

Colin Kaepernick

He sacrificed his own career in the NFL for a bigger message. At 30-years-old the former starting quarterback is using the attention garnered from kneeling for the National Anthem and turning it into action. He started the Know Your Rights camp to help educate the youth in various cities such as Chicago, New York, and New Orleans about the importance of healthy eating, financial literacy, and what to do when being stopped by a police officer. If that wasn't enough, he pledged $1 million pledge to give money to organizations that will make a difference in the future. Those $10,000 each in 10 days were matched by many different celebrities and showed that the importance of keeping your word and the good karma of fighting for what you feel is right.

Amara La Negra

The singer and Love & Hip Hop star used her platform to start a brand new discussion in this country. The discussion about the perception of skin color in Latin countries, and in America overall. Her dark complexion has opened her up to only certain roles and to various stereotypes. The topic has sparked conversation, and opened a new light into the discussion of race and perception in the United States today.

See her interview below.

Ryan Coogler

His first three movies: Fruitville Station, Creed, and Black Panther. Not a bad resume right? He is changing the perception of what a successful film in the box office will look like in the near future. At only 31-years-old with his track record of success there is no doubt he will be directing films for a long time.

Watch his interview below.

Sabaah Folayan

Using her art for a message, she helped co-direct the documentary Whose Streets? which told the story behind the protests of Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of Michael Brown.

Watch her interview below.

Staff Behind DussePalooza

Who says your love can't become your work. If you lived in New York you have heard of the legendary party called Hennypalooza. This house party progressed into one of the biggest parties in New York, and now across the country. The entrepreneurial spirit has allowed them to make a deal with Jay-Z and turn into Dussepalooza for a brand new chapter.

Watch their interview below.

Yara Shahidi

At 18-years-old the actress is not only the popular voice of Zoey Johnson of Black-ish/Grown-ish fame, but has also become one of the biggest voices of social equality in this country at such a young age. She's attending Harvard University and is sure to be a name leading some of the biggest battle in the future to come.

There are many more young, smart, ambitious people making marks to bring change to this country in and out of the spotlight. Feel free to highlight those people by using their @ name on social media and the hashtag #BlackHistoryNow.