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In the nearly seven years that he has been on New York's HOT 97, Peter Rosenberg has made an indelible mark on New York radio and the global Hip Hop landscape.  His voice can be heard every weekday morning on “The HOT 97 Morning Show” and every Sunday night on “Real Late with Peter Rosenberg”.  His persona on both of these shows, characterized by his quirky, honest, and unique spin on Hip Hop culture and New York life, has made him a fixture on the Hip Hop scene.  His passion for everything he covers, whether it’s Hip Hop, sports, professional wrestling, comedy, politics, or entertainment, is undeniable.  And that passion extends beyond radio: Peter hosted MTV2’s “Hip Hop Squares” and has made countless additional appearances on MTV and VH1, plus over 20 million views on YouTube.  He also co-stars in “This is Hot 97”, the unscripted comedy series from VH1 that gives people a behind-the-scenes look at what goes down at the legendary station. 

After working in radio for 10 years at urban, rock, talk and satellite stations, Peter finally landed a job at his dream station, HOT 97, in the summer of 2007.  In addition to his radio shows, Rosenberg hosts a podcast with morning show partner Cipha Sounds called “Juan Epstein.” “Juan Ep,” as it’s referred to by fans, has developed a cult following because of its offbeat sense of humor and irreverent devotion to hip hop.

Peter lives in Manhattan with his wife, Alexa, and their dog, Bear.


Listen to Peter Rosenberg Weekdays 5 a.m. – 10 a.m. and Sundays Midnight – 2 a.m.


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